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We wholeheartedly thank our sponsors for contributing to the PeerWriting-ULB initiative
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Skip ahead of the ~30k waiting list and enjoy exclusive direct access 😀
it’s free :)
to get access, read the instructions below
The start-up Routine stems from the minds of Julien Quintard (PhD, Computer Scientist from Cambridge University) and Quentin Hocquet.
It is an all-in-one solution to organize tasks, calendar events and notes… all without leaving your current workflow (coding, writing, emailing…). And much more!

How to get access?

1/ watch thoroughly the onboarding video below :)
2/ send an email to from your ULB address, and you’ll receive your access link.
Routine works exclusively with Google Calendar, which can easily synchronize with your MS Outlook, Apple, and virtually all mainstream calendars.
Got more questions about how routine works? Check their support page.
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free licences for PhDs (limited number)
and reduction of 50 to 75% for all peerwriters ↓
more info: peerwriting[at]ulb[dot]be
Rize is a California-based startup dedicated to helping workers with flexible schedules to keep their work on track.
They summarize their approach as a productivity tracker “that works a bit like a fitness watch: their app provides a detailed analysis of work hours on the computer without the need for your intervention.
  • no time spent to make it work: it just works for you in the background anytime you are on your PC or Mac. No action is needed on a daily base.
  • measure quantity and quality of work hours by how (really) focused you were (interruptions, idleness, etc)
  • Give you daily, weekly diagnostic of where time is actually spent. If you feel you didn’t accomplish enough, you can find the culprit.
  • Automatically divide your active time into different project/goals/groups based on the processes’ names. Think: assessing separately time spent for preparing a class vs writing your paper….